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We are Emily Bussman and Leldon Maxcy! While recently collaborating on a few projects, we decided to team up in a joint venture and combine our knowledge of (most) things wood, painting and designing!

If you have a custom idea you would like to see turned into an actual product, we would love ro hear from you!  Contact us here by clicking here!

Easter Tags

Choose from 3 unique designs that are hand made in Cullman's Warehouse District! Each design is three layers of 1/8" high quality wood that is painted by hand, glues together to create these tags that are perfect for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or anyone else! Approximately 4" tall and 3" wide.  Click here to order through the website! 


Saint Paul's School Auction Piece 

This project was a perfect fit for Dipsticks!  We combined Emily's graphic art skills, Leldon's wood working skills, and back to Emily for the painting! This piece is truly one of a kind.  The frame was made form reclaimed walnut from the 1940s. 


The Reading Tree

This was so much fun!  Cullman Parks and Rec asked to have a plaque made to signify their new Reading Tree.  We thought about many different designs before coming up with this. A book!  We used 3.5 inch thick wood for this chapter book.  Complete with gold binding and pages! 

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